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Join us in the Grand Foyer of the Whistler Conference Center from 3pm - 5pm for live music and entertainment. 


Saturday, December 23 | Photos with Santa

Sunday, December 24 | Photos with Santa

Monday, December 25 | CLOSED

Tuesday, December 26 | Rebel Applia

The Rebel Appliance have been spotted in the wilds of Whistler's Apres scene since 2019.  Playing familiar rock covers sprinkled lightly with originals, their sets are energetic and engaging.  The band is driven by percussionist Travis Smith who plays a spicy cajon, and Murray Hunt who sings lead and acoustic guitar to round out the duo.

Wednesday, December 27 |

Apologies, DJ Ira is sick and unable to attend.

Thursday, December 28 | Steph
en Vogler & the West Coast Front

Stephen Vogler & the West Coast Front blend wide ranging musical styles into highly original songs that cook up a storm! The five-piece band boasts a tight rhythm section layered by electric keys and rhythmic guitar chops, brought to life with well-crafted trumpet and saxophone lines and topped off with sweet female/male harmonies.

Friday, December 29 | Alison Hunter

Alison Hunter includes ten harps as housemates in her Whistler home and she loves to play them all.  Most often, you’ll find her playing either the concert or Celtic harp around Whistler at markets, in museums or on a gondola.  With a repertoire from early medieval melodies to present day pop tunes and Celtic songs as well, there’s music for everyone.

Saturday, December 30 | JennaMae

JennaMae (She/Her) is a Canadian West Coast musician and singer-songwriter with a unique R&B-influenced sound. Her genre-blending music delves into themes of love and self-discovery, boasting powerful vocals and captivating melodies. Influenced by the beauty of nature, infuses her music with organic themes and outdoor inspiration.

Sunday, December 31 | Matt Levy
Matt incorporates juggling, (clubs, bowling balls, fire, axes), tight rope, incredible feats of balance, plate spinning, rola bola, ballooning, and magic into a fun filled, interactive, high impact show. It can be tailored to meet any venue, or audience. He also instructs kids and adults in all these skills in his “One man"  shows!
Joining Matt is a face painting friend!

Sunday, December 31 | Julie-Anne Roy 5-8pm
Julie-Anne is a local face painter.

Monday, January 1 | Kostaman and Monty

A World of Music.

Tuesday, January 2 | Sean Rose

Sean plays up beat rhythm and blues with a bit of folk and country in the mix. He plays timeless music that appeals to all ages. He is a regular in the Whistler music scene playing music in town for almost 20 years.  While at this gig he is a solo artist he will be useing a looper for many songs so he is a one man band!

Wednesday, January 3 | Marcus Ramsay & Friends

Classic Covers and Originals!

Thursday, January 4 | Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

Connect with Cultural and Culinary Ambassadors from the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and enjoy Mini Bannock Bites and Love Me Tea from the Thunderbird Cafe. 

Friday, January 5 | Little Earthquakes


Saturday, January 6 | Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis (nee Thom) is a Canadian singer and songwriter as well as keyboardist who originates from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Music has always been a family affair. Rachel’s brothers and father are also singers and songwriters. Rachel began performing at the tender age of 5 and has been competing since she was 8. She began song writing at the age of 10 and guitar at 14. Since Feb. 2007, Rachel has been living in Whistler, B.C..


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